Q&A with Domenic

Q&A with Domenic

Head Stylist/Owner
Salon Safari and Spa

Domenic opened the original Salon Safari (AKA- Hair Safari) in the Heart Lake area in 1987. Now at a new location, supported by a loyal clientele and an ever-expanding new one, Domenic is enjoying his successes. He prides himself on customer satisfaction-a pride that is equally shared amongst his talented and experienced team of stylists. To maintain this customer dedication, the Salon Safari team scours the city of hair shows seeking out new trends and techniques to enhance their customer's salon experience. We spoke with Domenic to learn more about Salon Safari's relaxing and satisfying atmosphere.

How to take care of a first time customer?
First we have a consultation with our clients. It is important to discuss and begin a relationship with one another. At this time we can chat about lifestyle, hair type, and what they are wanting in regards to "the look". What is involved whether it is just a cut or colour, perm, hi-lights or a combination of any of the above. Depending what has been decided we then go further with the appointment, time permitting. Chemical work may have to be booked at another appointment time, convenient for the client. Service is our goal so we don't compromise on rushing our clients out. We all pride ourselves in excellent service and quality of work.

What's unique about Salon Safari?
Well it's not just about the hair cut. Really, it's all about customer service. When the client comes in, it's the way you greet them and also being punctual. When they arrive we do our initial consultation and they are seated right away at our shampoo basin where they receive a nice relaxing shampoo, rinse and massage. We are a team oriented salon with seven Hair stylists, three assistants and an Esthetician which interact with each other to serve the client's needs.

Is having the right vibe important to a hair salon?
It's very important! I had a very successful hair salon for 18 years. I only had two hairdressers but with a dream of creating something big. Our grand opening in 2005 was a complete success – everyone just raved about it. Among our guests was the mayor of Brampton. We went all-out with our Safari theme. Everything right down to our coffee cups. When customers come in here they feel the relaxing atmosphere. We have complete privacy for our clients that are having chemical work done to their hair. Our assistants treat them with kindness and do a great job catering to their needs. It's all part of the package. We pride ourselves in being the best we can, and providing our clients with an upbeat and stylish salon.

What are some trends that you've noticed?
In the winter months we see more hair extensions, and in the summer more highlights. The stylists are consistently looking for education and upcoming hair shows so they can stay current with the newest trends. This is what keeps all of us up to date in the new trends at Salon Safari and Spa. Again it's all about quality of service and reputation in the community.

So your continuing education is more for new trends?
It's definitely for both. What happens when there's a new colour or cut, it would be modeled for us as these hair shows. This is how we pick up new ideas, and in turn share them with each other. Usually, half of our stylists will go to one show, and the other half would go to another. After we gather some new ideas and trends we come together and share what we've learned. This is the cornerstone of what makes us a unique salon.

Do you promote having your own vision when it comes to hairstyles?
We sure do! It's all about art and imagination each stylist has their own unique way of designing. We as stylists are trained to take into consideration facial features, lifestyles of our clients and that is then incorporated into the design whether it is a cut or colour or the placement of foils. "The sky is the limit in the designing the finished product".

Do you see a lot of group services like wedding parties and such?
We specialize in weddings. Wedding parties can make use of spa treatments including make-up and facials. We customize our bridal packages to suit the bridal parties as well as their families' needs. We have a wedding coordinator who puts everything together for the bride in a personal file to refer to their special day. The bottom line is customer satisfaction.

What about your regular clientele?
Our clientele has and continues to be very loyal to us. With moving to a larger salon we are able to expand our services to our existing clientele and welcoming new clients to our Salon. The clientele ranges in all ages as we can offer anything they should request in regards to their hair needs and requests.

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